The Camping de la Clairette has been giving a warm welcome to holiday makers for nearly 60 years !

Before this the land was cultivated and grew vines, mulberry trees, wheat, vegetables and other produce depending on the season and the farm animals… Then a small part of the land was left untouched to create a flat area a suitable for camping.

Bit by bit the farmed area reduced until vitually the whole farm was tranformed, leaving behind 2.5 hectares of land planted with a huge variety of mature trees ; including maples, willows, poplars, acacias, ash, elm, almond trees, walnut trees, wild cherryand more. These enhance the environment and provide shade for the summer visitors.

The campsite was set up in 1954 by Henri Arnaud (known as Riri), and his wife Renee Arnaud who have both passed away. Their son Joel Arnaud and Jacqueline Miribel took up the batton for 17 years. Today the third generation of Arnaud’s have followed in their footsteps, Jody Arnaud their Grandson and his wife Oriane have been running the family business since 2010.

Photo album from 1885 to 1997

The campsite during the off season